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Bonded / Dowty Seals represent a combination of metal washer and elastomer sealing lip vulcanised to the edge of the metal part to seal bolted connections and mounting elements in all industrial applications e.g. pipe connections and couplings.

When the bolted connection is tightened, the sealing lip is pressed against the flat surfaces. The metal washer ensures that the components to be connected are reliably and securely held. The thickness of the washer limits the compression of the elastomer seal, eliminates any over torque of the joint, thereby ensuring a reliable sealing system. The internal pressure increases the sealing force by energising the sealing lip.

Revata Engineering manufactures Bonded / Dowty Seals in a wide range of sizes and standards. We also manufacture special Bonded / Dowty Seals based on customer requirements.

Advantages of Bonded / Dowty Seals:

  • Bonded / Dowty Seals are cost effective solution for bolt/thread sealing
  • Versatile, applicable to all threaded bolts, studs and clearance holes
  • Sealing washers are available for metric, Whitworth and BSP threads
  • Bonded / Dowty Seals are available in a large range of elastomers and metals available
  • Wide temperature range
  • Reliable high and low pressure sealing
  • Metall washer prevents over -compression and extrusion
  • Usable for overhead installation
  • Can be automatically installed
  • Seals to plane surfaces with no housing for the sealing lip
  • Visible from the outside
  • No sweating
  • Bonded / Dowty Seals are re-usable
  • Metal washer with vulcanised sealing body of rubber for sealing of bolt heads and flanges
  • Bonded / Dowty Seals are available in all European thread sizes.

Bonded Seals (Dowty)


The Bonded Seals (Dowty) comprises of standard combination of a carbon steel (mild steel) annulus cold-rolled, BS1449, with zine protection (D.T.D.903D, gold colour passivation – D.E.F.130) square or rectangular in section, to which an elastomeric ring (Nitrile 90 IRHD) of trapezoidal section is bonded seals. The Bonded Seals (Dowty) was developed to replace copper type washers in high pressure hydraulic and pneumatic threaded connections. The standard product is supplemented by a range of self-centering Bonded Seals (Dowty) that eliminate the possibility of leakage due to offset during assembly. Custom designs can also be accommodated to suit application requirements.

Method of Bonded Seals Operation The metal ring resists the pressure bursting forces and limits the deformation of the elastomeric element. This prevents over-compression and extrusion.

Technical Data Of Bonded Seals Operating Pressure: 250 MPa (36,250 psi)

Material (Metal) Stainless Steel, Brass, Mild Steel, High Tensile Steel Features: All sizes and materials to meet your special requirement.

Long life and easy to install. Fast and on time delivery. Packing to your request.

As our company continues to grow and diversify; we look forward to your return business. If you are trying us for the first time or considering a new supplier, let one of our sales professionals perform a complementary site visit at your location and quote you a plan that will ensure your inventory is always replenished. We hope you will continue to use our products and services - the highest quality available.