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Multi-Purpose-Oil Resistant


Multi-Purpose–Oil ResistantAir & Water Hose – Non-Conductive

Series 7094 (Red) / 7095 (Black)

MPT® II is a premium high quality, economical, multi-purpose hose that is oil resis- tant, excellent for air and water service and many chemicals. Closely plied rein- forcement of high tensile textile cord provides excellent coupling retention and kink resistance. The hose is electrically non-conductive with a minimum resistance of one megohm per inch at 1000 volts DC. MPT II hose exceeds RMA Class A-High Oil Resistance requirements. NOTE: Do not use for hot, dry air applications.

4:1 Design factor

>> Highly oil resistant and non-conductive

LENGTHS: All reels are 90% 1 piece, 10% 2 pieces, 50 ft. min. length (total footage on reel is +50 ft./-0 ft. of length indicated). All 50 ft. lengths are coiled, tied and secured in cartons per order.

COUPLINGS: For permanent crimp specifications, refer to CrimpSource. Other avail- 7095 able coupling options: Series 7611, 7615, 7692, 7628, 7670. For assembly guidelines

and additional coupling options, refer to NAHAD Industrial Hose Assembly Guidelines.

• Electric Furnaces
• Pot Lines

As our company continues to grow and diversify; we look forward to your return business. If you are trying us for the first time or considering a new supplier, let one of our sales professionals perform a complementary site visit at your location and quote you a plan that will ensure your inventory is always replenished. We hope you will continue to use our products and services - the highest quality available.