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Users of welding hose are urged to communicate their service conditions to the hose manufacturer and obtain the best recommendation of the manufacturer for a hose suitable for those conditions.

Hydraulic Hose Crimpers

Our Hydraulic Hose Crimpers can crimp hose and fittings from virtually any manufacturer. A direct-reading metric micrometer allows for precise adjustment of crimp diameters needed without the use of shims or spacer rings. With an effective crimp range of two to four millimeters, each adjustable die set crimps a variety of hoses and fittings.


The first product is hydraulic hose assembled and fitting supply. Now our products and service is wide range of industrial hose.


Premiumflex inc. has been providing value-added products and services to industries all over the country. Our core focus is providing high quality hoses, fittings, assemblies, adapters, accessories and kits to many markets.


Premiumflex has been leading the way in high quality industrial hose specialist. We take pride in offering heavy duty hoses that are designed to handle the most intense applications. Premiumflex also supply specialized hose products for automotive, and aviation uses. From chemical explosions to threatening urban fires, our large and extra-large diameter hoses crimping are for minimal friction loss and maximum efficiency.

WELCOME ! for all types of industries and applications, we provides all the options. Our products are manufactured to international & OEM standards, providing the best possible quality materials and designs. Our experience internationally as a supplier to major industries and manufacturers makes us the No. 1 choice.

With long term employees

and a wide understanding of engineering and industrial applications, Premium Flex Corp’s Engineering and Sales Departments provide reliablity and experience for your most demanding situation. Our Product Managers, Sales Engineers, Application Engineers and Outside District Sales Managers are the resources that can provide support and understanding that only the leader in engineered hose technologies can.  Premium Flex has created an environment of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction by becoming the number one leader in the supply chain for industrial hose, hydraulics and accessories. Our professional and well-trained employees are focused on supporting you! The Premium Flex culture is built on more than a decades of experience serving the needs of Thailand. We believe in a family environment where you feel right at home when you walk through the door. Our reputation of quality in products and service keep our customers coming back again and again.

Our dedicated professionals, ever improving knowledge and skills training keep our team of employees on the cutting edge of our customer’s needs.

We bring you a quality

Offering of Industrial Hose, Hydraulics, Tubing, Bands and Clamps along with a full line of Connectors and Coupler products. These products can be custom fabricated to the specifications of your application and most standard products are always in stock. We have broadened our inventory to include a full complement of pumps, drives, motors, cylinders and custom units within our experienced machine shop. We represent the top manufacturers throughout the Thailand. Industrial Hose & Hydraulics has the quality products necessary to serve your routine applications and your most specialized needs. We are your one stop shop for quality industrial supplies.

…we are your truely profestional partner…