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Water-Blasting Technology

For water-blasting we recommend thermoplastic high-pressure hoses reinforced with spiral zed high-tensile steel.

We have many years of hand-on experience in the water-blasting sector, which we’ve used to develop & produce hose assemblies that are used for concrete removal, sewer cleaning, water jet cutting, pipe cleaning, heat exchanger tube cleaning, and surface preparation, as well as the removal of deposits of all kinds.

For this industry, we provide hoses with 2-, 4-, 6- und 8 layers tested at working pressure ratings of up to 3200 bar.



Our top sellers in this area include the following types of hoses:

  • 5mmUHP Inner hose diameter 4.5mm Working pressure rating 3200 bar 46400 psi
  • 6mmUHP Inner hose diameter 5.8mm Working pressure rating 3200 bar 46400 psi
  • 8mmUHP Inner hose diameter 7.6mm Working pressure rating 3200 bar 46400 psi
  • 13/2WR Inner hose diameter 12.8 mm Working pressure rating 1040 bar 15080 psi


As our company continues to grow and diversify; we look forward to your return business. If you are trying us for the first time or considering a new supplier, let one of our sales professionals perform a complementary site visit at your location and quote you a plan that will ensure your inventory is always replenished. We hope you will continue to use our products and services - the highest quality available.